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Highest returns Lowest Fees Income for Life

Highest returns

Lowest Fees

Income for Life

Annuities Can Help Protect Your Financial Future It’s Easy To Save Hundreds In Fees!

Are you between the ages of 40-85 ? You could achieve 3.9 to 8.0% returns for life. Get your free customized annuity rates report today!

Your report will include information on:

• Comparing all types of annuities
• Using annuities as part of a conservative investment strategy
• Converting your 401k, 403b or IRA into income for life
• Finding annuities with no loss of premium prior to payout phase
• Joint-vs-single lifetime payout comparisons
• Identifying your ideal monthly income start date



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What is an annuity?

An annuity is an investment vehicle that provides safe, tax-deferred growth of your retirement nest egg. The highlights of annuities are guaranteed monthly income at retirement and lower risk compared to other investments. There are many types of annuities to fit your needs including: variable, fixed, deferred, immediate, and hybrid. To find out which annuity type is the best for your retirement we recommend you consult a trusted financial advisor.

Is an annuity the right move for me?

While annuities are very versatile, they don’t fit everyone’s needs. Specifically, annuities are designed for people interested in guaranteed monthly income throughout retirement. Annuities are not an aggressive investment option, meaning they are low-risk investment, and correspondingly come with more conservative returns. Because annuity payouts are guaranteed, they are considered a safe, yet conservative, retirement option.

Why choose

The team behind has been providing unbiased advice on annuities for years. AnnuitiesHQ also has an extensive network of trusted financial advisors. We do not sell annuities ourselves, rather we help analyze your current situation and needs, and then connect you with a financial advisor that can offer the best annuity package for you! We are here to help answer your question and provide free quotes without any commitment from you! A great way to explore annuities without any hassle or risk.

What should I do next?

The first step is to determine if an annuity is the best investment vehicle for your retirement situation. This is a function of the amount of savings you currently have, your age, when you plan to retire, and where you live. By completing the form above we will take this information and generate a customized annuity report just for you. This report will help you determine if an annuity is a good fit, provide information on what to do next if it s, and give you further instructions and details for contacting our unbiased support staff here at AnnuitiesHQ!

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