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Finding the right Annuity Advisors and the right retirement products can be an intimidating task as there seem to be so many alternatives and so many companies vying for your attention. So why choose Annuities HQ? Because our goal is to help you find the right advisor to research, connect, and invest in the annuity or retirement product that is right for you!


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Our Advisor Partnership Program (APP) was designed so that your interests and security are placed first. Our APP delivers three crucial elements in your investment strategy: choice, convenience, and comfort. We provide you with options in choosing who you want to work with, that’s choice. We bring the advisor to you, that’s convenience. Your peace of mind is all important to us so that you can be sure your representative is a responsible and licensed agent and enrolled with Annuities HQ’s pre-screening and Code of Ethics process, that’s comfort.


Advisor Partnership Program

Our program requirements are here to protect our site visitors and our service is always free.


Compare Annuity Rates with our Annuity Advisors. You’ll be glad you did. Why not let us help you with annuity and financial planning research and finding the right person to work with to meet your retirement goals?


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