Advisor Partnership Program

Advisors and Investors Have the Advantage at the HQ

Advisors who work with Annuities HQ are pre-screened. We want to give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are dealing with people who adhere to our vision of respect, integrity, and professionalism. These are just some of the questions we ask:

  • Does the advisor have extensive and substantive experience with financial and retirement portfolio management?
  • How long have they been securities or insurance licensed?
  • Can they provide references if requested?
  • What affiliations does the Advisor have with insurance companies and annuity products in the industry?
  • Has the advisor accepted the Annuities HQ Code of Ethics?

Advisor Partnership Program – Code of Ethics


  • All advisors acknowledge they are Annuity Advisors with a current registration that permits them to provide financial advice.
  • It is the advisor’s responsibility to offer full, complete, and honest answers to satisfy each individual’s financial concerns.
  • Advisors will at all times be open and truthful with all individuals who seek their financial guidance and assistance.
  • Advisors agree to work in a spirit of cooperation, always mindful of the best interests of all individuals who may seek their advice.
  • Advisors will always make full disclosure of the known available options and never knowingly withhold information that could potentially add a benefit or cause any harm.
  • Advisors will maintain the confidential nature of all client information and take reasonable steps to prevent access to the information by unauthorized people.
  • Advisors will immediately and fully disclose any and all conflicts of interest.
  • Any advertising, marketing, and presentation materials will be truthful and suitable for the client’s full understanding and be compliant with state and federal standards and regulations.
  • Market performance, potential returns, and levels of risk must be stated realistically and truthfully.
  • The advisor agrees to defer to a properly qualified professional if specific legal, financial, or tax advice is required by the client that exceeds the advisor’s expertise.
  • As and where required by law, advisors acknowledge it is their duty to stay current with changes in the financial marketplace, and they also recognize and support a culture of continuing education for themselves.